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Tzedakah House internally processes COBRA and administers Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA) for many clients. There are typically no fees to the employer for these services.
Mostly gone are the days of red folders filled with benefit summaries, flyers, and paperwork. Employee Navigator provides us and employers the ability to turn that folder into a smooth, virtual experience for employees and HR users.
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COBRA Services

Employee Navigator walks the employee through a variety of steps to confirm their elections. The employee will also be prompted to review their demographics and the demographics of their dependents. After completing the required steps, the employee will be prompted to review their Enrollment Summary and electronically sign. The entire process just takes a few minutes!

HRA Services

Many clients opt to offer Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA) to help reduce what the member pays for care by internally self-insuring. We serve as a third-party administrator for these programs. We review the claim for accuracy and eligibility. If approved, we then inform our employer clients that need to reimburse the employee or pay the provider directly. We follow all HIPAA guidelines so the employer is not in the loop as to what services were rendered.

Performing Surgery
Need to submit an HRA claim to Gosia for review?
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