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Meet the Team
Andrew Honek
Finance & Operations

Andrew Honek is in charge of the finances and operations at Tzedakah House, LLC. Andrew ensures that all commissions are received, expenses are paid, payroll is processed correctly, and that the office is fully stocked with appropriate items.

Since joining Tzedakah House in 2008, Andrew has played a huge role in the operations of the Agency. He previously handled all COBRA and HRA processing before now primarily focusing on finance-related tasks.

Andrew serves on Tzedakah House's Regulations ​Committee, which focuses on legal and carrier updates and initiatives, including Paid FMLA, COBRA, and ERISA.

Andrew has a Bachelor's degree in Accounting from Bryant University. He enjoys watching sports (especially the Minnesota Twins) and taking vacations to Saint Maarten. On the weekends, you might find him at either Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun.

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