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Meet the Team
Deanna Gaydos
Account Manager

Deanna Gaydos is an Account Manager at Tzedakah House, LLC. As an Account Manager, Dee is focused on creating and developing relationships, implementing and renewing policies, and working to resolve customer service issues.

Since joining Tzedakah House in 2020, Dee has quickly risen from Administrative Assistant to Account Manager. She currently oversees the policies for more than 170 Medicare beneficiaries. She is also involved in a variety of group clients.

In 2021, Dee got licensed to sell health and life policies as well as Medicare and policies through Access Health CT.

Dee serves on Tzedakah House's Medicare ​Committee, which focuses on educating prospects and clients about the various parts of Medicare, enrollment process, and availability and practicality of Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Prescription Drug plans.

When she's not at work, Dee enjoys spending time with her husband and two rescue cats, Damien and Sylvie. 


2021 Tzedakah House
Employee of the Year

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