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Meet the Team

Heidi Bauer
Account Manager

Heidi Bauer is an Account Manager at Tzedakah House, LLC. As an Account Manager, Heidi is focused on creating and developing relationships, implementing and renewing benefit plans, and working to resolve customer service issues.

Since joining Tzedakah House in 2010, Heidi has played a variety of roles. Currently, as an Account Manager, Heidi oversees more than 20 employee benefit programs that account for more than 725 employees.

Heidi serves on Tzedakah House's Client Education ​Committee, which creates various communications and informs clients of important updates. Heidi also serves as the in-house Notary Public.

Heidi is a figure skating professional teaching Learn to Skate and private lessons at several area rinks, as well as coaching a competitive synchronized skating team. When not at a rink, Heidi loves to spend time on Martha’s Vineyard with her husband Nick and their families.

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