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Sylvester David
Offboarding Coordinator

Sylvester David joins Tzedakah House as Offboarding Coordinator. In this position, Sylvester works in conjunction with our team of Account Managers and our COBRA Specialist to remove coverage for employees and dependents who have been terminated or are no longer eligible. Failure to take action with the insurance companies timely can result in our clients paying invoices that include prior members, and it's Sylvester's primary responsibility to not have that happen.

After moving from New Delhi, India to America, Sylvester has made Connecticut his home for the last 18 years. Sylvester’s career experiences have been incredibly versatile thus far, but more recently he began to pursue an education in the IT Field and completed his CompTIA courses, and is excited to take his final exam in 2022!


When Sylvester is not working at Tzedkah House, LLC he can be found spending time with his best friend and partner in crime, his two-year-old daughter, Priya. Sylvester is a Car enthusiast through and through and has a second Job Vinyl-Wrapping Cars. He has had the opportunity to partner with many local car enthusiasts and garages throughout the state and enjoys being a part of the automotive community.  He also enjoys playing soccer, working out, producing music, and hanging out with his three cats.

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