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FAQ: Can my worker receive CT Paid Leave benefits if they have COVID?

Since the Connecticut Paid Leave Act was introduced offering Connecticut employees access to paid time off for qualifying life events, it has been a hot-button topic of discussion. The following information, provided by, outlines how the Act is affected by an employee or an employee's family member contracting COVID-19.

Can my worker receive CT Paid Leave benefits if they have COVID?

Simply being exposed to COVID-19 or even being diagnosed with COVID-19 is not necessarily a serious health condition as defined by CT Paid Leave. Therefore, it is not necessarily a qualifying reason for income replacement benefits under CT Paid Leave.

An eligible employee may receive CT Paid Leave benefits in connection with an exposure to or diagnosis with COVID-19 only if they can provide medical documentation from their health care provider demonstrating that the COVID-19 exposure/diagnosis results in the person having a condition that:

  • requires an overnight stay in a hospital or other medical care facility; or

  • incapacitates the employee (for example, unable to work) for more than three consecutive days and requires the employee to receive ongoing medical treatment (either multiple appointments with a health care provider, or a single appointment and follow-up medical treatment, such as prescription medication) or,

  • results in or exacerbates chronic conditions that causes occasional periods when the employee is incapacitated, and which require treatment by a health care provider at least twice a year.

Similarly, an eligible employee may receive CT Paid Leave benefits because they need to serve as a caregiver to a family member who was exposed to or diagnosed with COVID only if the family member’s health care provider certifies that the family member’s exposure/diagnosis results in the family member having a condition that falls into one of those three categories.


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