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TZH Clients Recognized by HBJ as Top Family Businesses in CT

The Hartford Business Journal annually recognizes companies and organizations throughout Connecticut. A pair of Tzedakah House clients and nominations, Reynolds' Garage & Marine and The Star Supply Company, recently took home 1st and 2nd place, respectively, in the 25-75 full-time employees category of the 2021 Connecticut Family Business Awards.

The coronavirus pandemic has put strain on all Connecticut families, as they manage the stress of financial, social and mental and physical health hardships. But family businesses in particular have faced unique challenges over the past year as they have not only fought to keep their loved ones healthy, but also stay in business.

To read the HBJ article, CLICK HERE.


Reynolds' Garage & Marine (1st Place; 25-75 Full-Time Employees)

To read the profile on Reynolds' Garage & Marine, CLICK HERE.


The Star Supply Company (2nd Place; 25-75 Full-Time Employees)

To read the profile on The Star Supply Company, CLICK HERE.

Photos courtesy of the Hartford Business Journal.


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