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Have a problem? We'll call the insurance company or provider on your behalf. No need for you to spend time on hold and the phone navigating the healthcare system. We're the experts. Let us do the legwork.
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Mistakes are incredibly common in this industry, whether made by the insurance company or the provider. Oftentimes, it's the member and patient who is on the wrong side, paying more. When issues arise, we step in.
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Extension of HR

While many of our clients have robust, multi-employee HR teams, others don't have a formal department at all. Regardless, it's not always appropriate for employees to come to HR (or a supervisor) with health-related issues due to HIPAA. We serve as a third party and keep all matters confidential. Since we work with so many employers, individuals, and carriers, we're typically able to answer the question or resolve the matter very quickly.

Big or Small Issues

Here's just a sample of the free services that are available to clients when an employee is first hired, during Open Enrollment, and throughout the year:

  • Reviewing the benefits program

  • Helping with the decision-making process, and comparing alternatives

  • Finding doctors, specialists, hospitals, dentists, and more

  • Untangling bills and uncovering any errors made

  • Contacting carriers on the member's behalf to resolve issues

  • Helping estimate costs for procedures

  • Researching savings on prescription drugs and other services

  • Obtaining replacement ID cards

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Need our assistance?
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We love hearing feedback from our clients about their experiences with us, good and bad! We try our best to treat employees and individuals just like family. If you'd like a list of references, please don't hesitate to reach out to Benjamin Klein.

Did You Know?
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