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Employee Education
Insurance can be a different language for most. It takes time to understand the definitions, concepts, specifics, and more to ensure you're making cost-effective decisions. We're firm believers in educating our clients as much as we can.
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Mostly gone are the days of red folders filled with benefit summaries, flyers, and paperwork. Employee Navigator provides us and employers the ability to turn that folder into a smooth, virtual experience for employees and HR users.
New Hire
Business Meeting
New Hire Orientations

We prefer to meet with every new employee. Yes, every new employee. An employer is spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on benefits per year. It's worth the 30-45 minutes spent orienting the new employee to the program. It provides us with an opportunity to explain each of the benefits, go over best practices and nuances, and review how to enroll once they've had a chance to digest all of the information.

Open Enrollment
Open Enrollments

2020 forced us to adjust how we conduct Open Enrollments, but also made us much more efficient in the process. We shifted to primarily Zoom Open Enrollment meetings and online elections through Employee Navigator. As the world opens up more, we'll certainly cater to whichever method the employer prefers, in-person or virtual. We're always open to one-on-one consults after the meetings too, which provides employees the opportunity to ask personal and health-related questions.

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We often will create microsites for our clients to access during Open Enrollment and throughout the year that will include brief videos reviewing each of their specific benefits. Not everyone is always able to attend a Zoom or in-person meeting, and it's admittedly difficult to remember everything that's said without feverishly taking notes. We also find in a lot of instances that the employee is not the "insurance person" in the household. These microsites allow all family members to be educated on the benefits program.

Related Resources
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