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About Us
Tzedakah House is the insurance agency that's big enough to service you, yet small enough to know you.
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Since 2004, Tzedakah House has specialized in the implementation and administration of employee benefit programs. The Agency also helps individuals and families with their personal insurance needs.
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Tzedakah (seh-duh-kuh)

Tzedakah is a biblical term meaning charitable giving. When we began in 2004, we gave 10% of our gross revenue away to non-profit organizations. We've changed the model a few times since then, but are still heavily involved in the non-profit world. You'll find some of our efforts on this website and across our social media platforms. This picture is from a food drive we conducted to support FISH in Torrington.

Our Customers

Our employer clients range in size from just two employees all the way up to more than 250. We also work with more than 250 individuals and families on their individual policies that are primarily Medicare eligible.

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Our Solutions

We work with all of the major insurance companies to ensure our clients are purchasing the most cost-effective policies for themselves and/or their employees. We partner with Employee Navigator to provide an online enrollment experience for many of our employer clients. We also bring a new definition to customer service, taking even the smallest of claim issues to the next level.


Looking for your first job or a change of scenery? We're always interested in reviewing possible fits for our team. Beware, we expect to go the extra mile. If you have your running or biking shoes on, check out our open roles below.

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