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Employee Navigator
Tzedakah House partners with Employee Navigator to provide many clients with an online benefits administration platform. All standard fees are paid for by Tzedakah House.
Mostly gone are the days of red folders filled with benefit summaries, flyers, and paperwork. Employee Navigator provides us and employers the ability to turn that folder into a smooth, virtual experience for employees and HR users.
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Benefit Elections

Employee Navigator walks the employee through a variety of steps to confirm their elections. The employee will also be prompted to review their demographics and the demographics of their dependents. After completing the required steps, the employee will be prompted to review their Enrollment Summary and electronically sign. The entire process just takes a few minutes!

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Reporting Capabilities

Need a report of everyone's medical elections and deductions? No problem. Need a report of everyone's phone numbers? No problem. Need a report of everyone's beneficiaries? No problem. There are endless reports available through Employee Navigator.

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Payroll Integrations
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Payroll Integrations

Tired of manually keying in payroll deductions for employees? Employee Navigator integrates with a large number of payroll companies. When a benefit is elected, Employee Navigator sends a feed to the payroll company, removing the manual work! Please note that some payroll companies require a fee to integrate with Employee Navigator.

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