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What is the Connecticut Employee Quarterly Earnings Report?

Most health insurance companies will require proof that your employees are truly your employees when submitting an application for coverage.

The most common requirement is a copy of the most recent CT Employee Quarterly Earnings Report (UC-2/UC-5a) that will list the earnings for each employee who was paid during that quarter. The employee's Social Security Number, first initial, and last name will also be on the report. Below is an example of what the report will look like:

If an employee is not showing on the most recent filing because they're new, most insurance companies will require payroll records for at least the two most recent payroll runs. If they are a shareholder and do not take a regular paycheck, most insurance companies will require a recent Schedule C or a K-1. Should you have any questions about what's required, please contact your Account Manager or Heidi Bauer for assistance.

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