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Navigating the many facets of an employee benefits program can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to sift through dozens of options and negotiate terms, but there are also IRS regulations and Affordable Care Act provisions to consider. 

Here at Tzedakah House, we consider ourselves an extension of the Human Resources Department. We take the administrative side of your employee benefits program off your hands and into our own.


We create your Summary Plan Description (SPD) and Federal notices. We come out to meet with your new employee to review your benefits, answer any questions, and get them signed up with the insurance companies. We conduct in-person and virtual Open Enrollment meetings where employees receive personalized information. 


Most importantly, we hold hands. We're here to advocate on behalf of our clients. Insurance is a foreign language to most. One service can lead to numerous invoices and Explanations of Benefits, making them nearly impossible to decipher. We'll sift through everything to make sure everything was processed and covered appropriately, and we'll make phone calls to providers and carriers too. From ordering replacement ID cards to finding out how a service is covered to just being there for people when they're going through a tough time, we encourage our clients to reach out to us directly no matter the size of the situation.

Image by Gabrielle Henderson
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