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Meet the Team

Steven Greenberg
Founder (Retired)

Steve founded Tzedakah House in 2004 after a brief retirement following long stints at large insurance companies and brokerages. At that time, Steve was giving away 10% of the gross revenue to non-profit organizations across CT.


In 2010, Steve changed the model and created Helping Hands Community Thrift Store and Furniture Bank. This new entity was a thrift store model where individuals would donate furniture, clothing, household items, and more, and designate a portion of the proceeds to a non-profit. When the item sold in the Helping Hands store, the non-profit received the money.

Helping Hands closed in 2018 after providing hundreds of thousands of dollars to nearly 200 non-profits. Despite the closing, Steve did not stop giving. He's coordinated several drives to benefit our non-profit clients.

Steve sold a minority stake of Tzedakah House to Benjamin Klein in 2021, the remaining stake in 2022, and retired from the Agency in 2024. 

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