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Deanna Gaydos Named 2021 TZH Employee of the Year

January 18, 2022 -- Deanna Gaydos has been named the 2021 Employee of the Year for Tzedakah House, LLC. This acknowledgment was originally announced at our holiday party in December.

This recognition goes to the person who best exemplifies a sense of empathy, puts in a substantial amount of effort, and performs at a high level. In an incredibly trying year, this year's recipient unquestionably fulfilled all of those duties and set an example of what it means to be a great employee.

Deanna is honored for all of her hard work and dedication to Tzedakah House this past year. We are fortunate to have a team member like Deanna and we look forward to next year's success. An infinite amount of thanks goes out to Deanna for her tireless work ethic and drive.

Past Employees of the Year include Benjamin Klein and Lindsay Tiroletto.

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