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Tzedakah House, LLC Kicks Off 2022 With Three Additions

(From left to right, Luke Devoe, Meghan Collins, Sylvester David)

Tzedakah House is extremely happy to announce the hiring of three new members of the team. All three join Tzedakah House with diversified and impressive sets of skills. While each will be working in varying capacities at Tzedakah House, we know that their additions will continue to move Tzedakah House forward as a leading employee benefits agency.

Luke Devoe joins Tzedakah House as the Director of Business Development. In this position, Luke will be focused on opening new doors, maintaining existing client relationships, and enhancing the agency’s practices.

Luke joins Tzedakah House after 10+ years as an elementary educator in Hamden. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a Master’s degree in Education, both from Quinnipiac University. Recently, Luke finished up a ten-year run covering high school hockey in Connecticut for CTHSHockey.

He lives in Hamden with his wife and two daughters. Luke is a local baseball coach and an avid fan of Chicago sports teams, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Manchester United soccer. He is also a Halloween enthusiast.


Sylvester David joins Tzedakah House as Offboarding Coordinator. In this position, Sylvester will work in conjunction with our team of Account Managers and our COBRA Specialist to remove coverage for employees and dependents who have been terminated or are no longer eligible. Failure to take action with the insurance companies timely can result in our clients paying invoices that include prior members, and it will be Sylvester's primary responsibility to not have that happen.

After moving from New Delhi, India to America, Sylvester has made Connecticut his home for the last 18 years. Sylvester’s career experiences have been incredibly versatile thus far, but more recently he began to pursue an education in the IT Field and completed his CompTIA courses, and is excited to take his final exam in 2022.

When Sylvester is not working at Tzedkah House, he can be found spending time with his best friend and partner in crime, his two-year-old daughter, Priya. Sylvester is a car enthusiast through and through and has a second job vinyl-wrapping cars. He also enjoys playing soccer, working out, producing music, and hanging out with his three cats.


Meghan Collins joins the team as the agency’s new Onboarding Coordinator. In this position, Meghan will work with the new employees at our clients to ensure a smooth transition onto their respective benefits programs. She’ll schedule orientations for these employees and take the necessary steps with the insurance companies so that coverage is effective and ID cards are received in a timely manner.

Meghan joins Tzedakah House after years of holding many different positions in the medical field. Meghan’s other experiences include working in the banking world and the service industry. She recently completed the Real Estate Practices & Principles course with New Haven/Middlesex Association of Realtors and attended the American Red Cross where she was previously licensed as a Certified Nurse’s Aide.

In her spare time, Meghan enjoys being an amateur chef for her friends and family, half finishing puzzles and writing poetry. She has a love for dogs and will often offer to take friends’ dogs for walks or hikes. Meghan attended Southern Connecticut State University for Photography.

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