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Caitlin Lopez Becomes a Licensed Producer in Connecticut

May 14, 2021 -- Caitlin Lopez has obtained her Producer's License for life, accident, and health insurance products for Connecticut after completing all requirements and passing the final exam. Caitlin joins Steve Greenberg, Benjamin Klein, Jason Weeks, and Mary Center as licensed producers at Tzedakah House, LLC. She is the second-youngest employee ever to get licensed.

"As I approach my 1 year anniversary at Tzedakah House, LLC, I'm proud to say that after months of hard work, I've obtained my Producer Life, Accident & Health Insurance License in the State of Connecticut," said Caitlin. "I'm beyond excited to further my career in the employee benefits arena and for the opportunities to come."

"I'm thrilled for and very proud of Cait for taking this large step so early in her career at Tzedakah House," said Vice President Benjamin Klein. "She has learned a lot in less than a year in the industry. Her drive to learn as much as possible has allowed her to take on many responsibilities and projects. I look forward to her continued growth at our Agency."

Caitlin joined Tzedakah House in 2020 after graduating from Syracuse University. She is currently an Account Manager, overseeing more than 30 employee benefit programs that account for more than 400 employees. To contact Caitlin, please call 203-387-2266 or email her at

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