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Luke Devoe Becomes a Licensed Producer in Connecticut

March 31, 2022 -- Luke Devoe has obtained his Producer's License for life, accident, and health insurance products for Connecticut after completing all requirements and passing the final exam. Luke joins Steve Greenberg, Benjamin Klein, Jason Weeks, Mary Center, and Deanna Gaydos as licensed producers at Tzedakah House, LLC.

"In my time at Tzedakah House, I've learned so much from the team and am thrilled to be able to represent the Agency as a broker," said Luke. "I look forward to working with existing clients within the Tzedakah House family and growing new business in the future."

Luke joined Tzedakah House in early January 2022 as the Director of Business Development after 10+ years in elementary education. In just a short period of time, Luke has formed relationships with prospective and existing clients, learned a tremendous amount about the industry, and played a vital role in the completion of several important projects.

"I'm very proud of Luke for this major accomplishment," said Vice President Benjamin Klein. "Luke has worked very hard in the 3 months he's been at Tzedakah House to be able to pass the licensing exam, and I'm glad that his hard work paid off. He's a large piece of the long-term puzzle here at Tzedakah House and I look forward to his future successes."

To contact Luke, please call 203-387-2266 or email him at


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